Katoomba's Program

Katoomba Rifle Club Is currently closed to centrefire rifle shooting. We are still shooting rimfire and shotgun per our calendar below.

For members, we hold weekly club championship shoots that count towards the yearly club championship that runs for a calendar year. Visitors are welcome to practice during this time. There are also a number of trophy shoots available for members throughout the year.

We welcome new shooters and visitors to come down to the club house around midday or thereabouts so that everyone is organised enough to begin shooting promptly. Some and say hello to any of the members who will do their best to make you feel welcome.

*Unless otherwise shown, all Saturday shooting begins at 1pm. Sunday shoots begin at 10am.

THE COMMITTEE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ALTER THIS PROGRAM Shoots not completed orprevented due to poor weather will be cancelled accept where 2 matches at 1 distance have been effected.Thus 5 shoots at each range will be contested in the championship.

COVID Attendance:
A copy of our COVID Safe Plan is available by clicking here. Copies are also available in our clubhouse.